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Terrace Grey Lounge Gown

Terrace Grey Lounge Gown

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Sitting on a bit of patio, the weather-beaten outside furniture hastily covered with a table cloth, before the croissants cool. Waiting for the cafetiere to be ready to plunge leaves just enough time for a mini-duel of butter knives, vying for the first scoop of the jam. Another Saturday is off to a good start!

A light grey wool dressing gown fits easily into any wardrobe. There is nothing so affable as a soft grey colour, and the feel of this gown will make you feel ever so relaxed and comfortable.

The Details

100% Virgin Woollen Flannel from VBC
Two patch pockets
Shawl lapel
Belt tie
Made in England

The Cloth

A pale, warm, restful colour; something Farrow and Ball would call Costwold Putty or similar. This is another pick from the VBC woollen flannel offering so it's the same 100% virgin wool 340gsm (12oz) as some of our darker coloured flannel lounge gowns. As with the other gowns, this grey wool dressing gown is of a soft wool with terrific drape that envelopes and warms, without being cloying or hot.

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