Tailoring Apprentice Support

Valet Events

As part of our dedication to the bespoke tailoring community, we host informal networking and social events for the next generation of cutters and makers. Bespoke tailoring is a small community of passionate practitioners but one that can be seen as difficult to enter. By creating opportunities for conversations and meetings, we hope to add to the 'neighbourhood' feeling of working in so storied a trade.

We work with the apprentices and undercutters on a daily basis as they bring pressing and cleaning jobs to us from the Savile Row houses so we know many of them well, and it is also a way we can thank the crowd for making our lives easier and more fun.


Clients who wish to add their support to ours can do so by adding a small donation to their order. This gift is then ring-fenced by us and used only for apprentice events and support, and kept separate from our business.