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Apprentice Support Donation

Apprentice Support Donation

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At The Valet, we are proud of the small part we play in the Savile Row bespoke tailoring community. One way in which we contribute is to organise networking events for young cutters and tailors. 

With enough support we will be able to add more technical elements to these events, working with cloth merchants, for example, to round out the education these apprentices are already receiving from the various houses they currently work with.

We separate out any donations made from our normal sales to ensure the full value of your generosity goes where it should. We then add that to our own Apprentice Support budget to help as many young, talented people coming up in the industry.

If you enjoy bespoke tailoring, and wish to see it thrive for many years to come, any contribution you make will help maintain Savile Row as the gold standard of tailoring.

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