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Santorini Stripe Seersucker Resort Gown

Santorini Stripe Seersucker Resort Gown

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Picture the colours of the white villas of Santorini and the bright blue of the cloudless sky above the Aegean Sea. Worn loosely over swimwear, perhaps barefoot on the sand or tiled terrace, perhaps in espadrilles, but always nonchalant and refined.

The Details

100% Wool Seersucker.
Two patch pockets.
Shawl lapel.
Belt tie.
Made in England

The Cloth

Blue and white stripe wool seersucker. It's pretty rare to see wool seersucker, as it's so much more difficult to make than cotton seersucker. As you'd expect, it's open weave, holds half the fabric away from the skin, allowing for lots of air circulation and making the gown very cool to wear.

It's also a perfect travel companion as it looks perfect even when freshly out of the suitcase. Seersucker is supposed to be crinkled; lean into it, don't worry about being fastidious, elegance comes from being natural and comfortable in one's choices.

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