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Plum Purple Lounge Gown

Plum Purple Lounge Gown

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Getting home after a long day of dealing with muppets; Sartre was right about hell. Time now to shrug off the day's stress, wrap up in something sumptuous and open a bottle of some toothsome wine. Staying home is the new going out.

This purple wool dressing gown will become an instant favourite. In fact it's so much of a crowd-pleaser that your girlfriend is going to steal it from you.

The Details

100% Virgin Woollen Flannel from VBC
Two patch pockets
Shawl lapel
Belt tie
Made in England

The Cloth

340 gsm of 100% virgin wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico. A few years before the Great Fire of London, the Barberis Canonico family were setting up shop and mastering the process of dying wool. Back in the day this was not a widely known skill and the good chaps at VBC have been honing that expertise ever since. The colours permeating this purple wool dressing gown are myriad. The overall tone is a reddish purplish plummish colour, but closer inspection reveals so much more. Naturally colour is not the only reason that VBC has stuck around so long; this woollen flannel is also stunningly soft and lovely to be wrapped up in.

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