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Palm Leaf Green Wool Silk Linen Resort Gown

Palm Leaf Green Wool Silk Linen Resort Gown

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As one would reach for a loafer in the summer rather than a boot in winter, so one shrugs on our Palm Green resort gown rather than our flannel lounge gowns. But one never lets the standards drop to the shameful state of not being comfortably adorned at breakfast.

The Details

67% Wool, 20% Silk, 13% Linen.
Two patch pockets.
Shawl lapel.
Belt tie.
Made in England

The Cloth

Dark green, wool, silk and linen. The long wool fibres hold together the super fabrics of silk and linen; linen on its own can be heavy and dry, silk can be dense and cloying on wet skin. Woven together, it's a desirable mix of cooling, palpable cloth. We took our inspiration from equatorial foliage and large palm leaves casting pools of shade to shelter from the heat.

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