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Chocolate Brown Cashmere Lounge Gown

Chocolate Brown Cashmere Lounge Gown

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It's a bitter winter's day outside, but all is well at home. Wrapped up in sumptuous cashmere, it's easy to forget the biting wind and pinprick shards of rain out in the world. A thick hot chocolate with dark rum cutting through it completes the coziness.

Whether worn over trousers and a shirt, pyjamas or against the skin, cashmere is deliciously indulgent. For the person who is satisfied with the finest, a cashmere dressing gown is the only luxury loungewear of note.

The Details

100% Cashmere from Dugdale Bros and Co
Two patch pockets
Shawl lapel
Belt tie
Made in England

The Cloth

100% Cashmere. So it's nice... really nice. As you would expect a cashmere dressing gown to be. Specifically it's 10oz cashmere flannel resulting from a collaboration between Dugdale Brothers and Cerruti so it's been treated and teased to be even more fluffy and soft. The rich warm tone of brown is at home anywhere. The chaps at Dugdales know how to get the best out of a weaver and have been doing so for over a century. But the North of England is not a natural place to find experts in cashmere yarn, so off they went to Cerruti to seek out their specialists. And the product of that collaboration brings the best of both worlds together.

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