What are Boiled Fronted Shirts?

The term "boiled fronted shirts" refers to a specific style of formal dress shirt that features a stiff, starched front panel. This front panel is often called a "boiled" or "pique" front. The name "boiled" is historical and harks back to the traditional method of achieving stiffness in fabric, which involved boiling it in a mixture that typically included starch.

These shirts are commonly associated with white tie and morning dress codes, both of which are extremely formal and require a high level of sartorial elegance. The stiff front panel of the shirt provides a crisp and polished appearance, enhancing the overall formality of the outfit.

Boiled front shirts typically have a bib-like structure on the front, featuring a textured or pleated pattern that adds an extra layer of sophistication. This design element contributes to the shirt's formality and makes it well-suited for the most ceremonious occasions.

While the term "boiled" may not directly reflect the contemporary manufacturing processes, it remains in use due to historical tradition and the enduring nature of formal dress codes. These shirts are chosen for their ability to convey a sense of tradition, refinement, and attention to detail in formal and upscale events.

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