Saphir Shoe Care Products

Saphir Shoe Care Products

At The Valet, we are dedicated to elevating your shoe care experience with the exceptional Saphir Medaille d’Or range. Our commitment to using the finest products is evident in our choice of Saphir for all our shoe care services.

When it comes to polishing shoes, our top priority is ensuring the longevity and optimal appearance of the leather. The Saphir range of creams stands out, providing superior nourishment and recoloring for calfskin, surpassing other brands we've experimented with over the years.

For achieving the brightest mirror shine, we rely on combinations of Saphir Medaille d’Or waxes, occasionally incorporating mirror gloss or amiral gloss. The key to a lasting finish lies in building up multiple thin layers of wax, expertly applied with the right amount of water and our specially designed cotton cloths.

As staunch advocates of the Saphir range for our own use, we are delighted to offer these exceptional products to our clients. Feel free to purchase directly from us, and we'll gladly provide personalized advice and tips on each product. Your consistent shoe care not only enhances the health and appearance of your footwear but also streamlines our professional care and repair services when you visit!

You can drop by to collect individual items, or if you have a specific order in mind, we offer remote assessments. Based on your shoe collection and anticipated effort, we can curate a customized bundle for you, making it convenient to maintain the impeccable condition of your shoes.

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