Hand Pressing Suits

Hand Pressing Suits

Hand pressing is something of an unsung hero in the tailoring community. During the making, tailors will begin to shape the garment using heat and pressure to develop the three dimensional shape that is so important to having something made bespoke and by hand. It is the proper application of stress to the suit that gives it body and life.

Once the garment is made, but before the client gets their hands on it, the suit is sent across to George and his team for a final press. Each garment may be beautifully made, but the presentation isn’t quite there yet. It’s the job of the presser to turn a work in progress in to a work of art.

This is what really separates bespoke from ready-to-wear; the umpteen hours of hand work that the customer doesn’t see or even know about, but which make ‘a Savile Row suit’ so very special.

George has been a cornerstone of the bespoke suiting world long enough to have seen virtually every house style from every maker both in London and the wider, international bespoke tailoring community. The team he leads are the foremost experts in their field and indispensable to the Savile Row houses.

Beyond getting bespoke suits ready for clients, our pressing team handles a large amount of private client work, dealing with tailoring that has been worn, sometimes for decades.

The gentle application of steam and low heat from the iron relaxes the fibres of the suit, allowing the original shape to return. Light soiling is lifted and brushed away, and steam penetrating the cloth removes odour and freshens the garment. Finally, pressure from the iron, used in conjunction with shaped pressing boards and even a hand-held mitt, gives the lapel and sleeve-head that bit of extra oomph.

Our pressing services are a great source of pride for us at the Valet. We strive to deserve our reputation as the market leaders in this area, and invite you to try our services to freshen and spruce up your tailoring.

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